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Vertical automated storage

The Shuttle vertical automated storage
system offers the centralized management
of stored items of different heights while
using just a limited amount of floorspace.

Shuttle systems make high density storage, high speed picking and
centralized management possible through the automatic detection of
storage height.
Shuttle systems can be applied to the centralized management, etc.,
of dies, tools, products and parts.

kardex remstar

Shuttle(Vertical automated storage)

4 methods of retrieval

Makishinko Shuttle systems are standard equipped with a single interface and other options include double interface, two floor single interface and two floor opposite side interface systems.

4 methods of retrieval


No limit on offset load

Because goods are stored in independent shelves for each tray, there is no limit to offset load.

Mixed storage of objects of different height

The storage height is detected automatically and the object is stored automatically in a flexible location according to the storage height.

High density storage

By using the storage space flexibly, Shuttle storage systems offer high density storage with dead space eliminated.

High load design

The maximum storage load is 130 to 500 kg per a tray. (Consult with Makishinko for loads of over 500 kg.)
The maximum storage load for 1 unit is up to 60,000 kg.

Rich variation in unit heights

The unit height can be selected to match the ceiling height of the installation location.
Ceiling height - 20 mm, 2,550 mm to 9,550 mm, 100 mm intervals (Please consult Makishinko about heights of over 10 m.)

Flexible layout design

The units can be laid out as individual units or modules can be created freely from multiple units.
Zero gap between units

Plentiful trays sizes

Tray widths: 1250, 1650, 1850, 2050, 2150, 2450, 2850, 3050 mm
Depth: 610, 813, 864 mm

Safety features

"Interface sensor"
If a hand or object is placed in the interface, the operation of the machine is stopped.

"Safety shutter"
The workspace and transport area are separated to prevent accidents and noise.

"Height sensor"
Storage operations are stopped if the object being stored is detected to have a height equal to or greater than the predetermined height.
If the storage space required inside the unit cannot be selected, storage is stopped.

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